Screen and Recoat

What is Screen and Recoat?

Screen and Recoat is a service designed to refresh and revitalize hardwood floors without the need for extensive sanding or refinishing. It involves lightly abrading the existing finish with a screen or sanding pad and applying 2 new coats of polyurethane. This process effectively removes surface imperfections, adds a protective layer, and makes your floor look like new. Call Dr Hardwood today at (512) 662-2222.

Why is this the better option vs. sanding wood floors in Austin TX?

1. Price: Compared to a full wood floor refinishing in Austin TX, a screen and recoat is almost always half price to a full sand. By simply refreshing the existing finish, you can restore the beauty of your floors at a fraction of the cost.

2. Time-Saving Process: Traditional wood floor refinishing in Austin tx projects can be time-consuming, requiring several days or even weeks to complete. In contrast, a screen and recoat service takes 1-2 days at most. With minimal downtime, you can be back in your normal routine of everyday life.

3. Wood Thickness: Hardwood floors have limited sanding opportunities before it is impossible. Since screen and recoat involves light sanding. you will have the option for multiple services and a refinish later if you would like.

4. Protects the Floor: The 2 coats of polyurethane that is applied during the screen and recoat process adds 2 additional layers of protection to your hardwood floors. It helps to guard against daily wear and tear, prolonging the life of your wood flooring.

5. Restores: Screen and recoat not only repairs small scratches and imperfections but will restore your floors natural sheen and beauty. The new coat of finish protects, enhances, and brings shine back to your wood floors.

To ensure the best results and avoid any mishaps, hire a professional Austin wood floor refinishing company for your screen and recoat service. We will assess the condition of your floors, determine the appropriate screen grit, and select the right finish to achieve the desired outcome. Communication and setting the right expectations is very important to us.
In conclusion, screen and recoat is an excellent option for restoring the beauty of your hardwood floors without the expense and hassle of a full wood floor refinishing Austin. We offer a cost effective, time-saving solution that gives you an equal result. By choosing Dr. Hardwood, you can transform your worn-out floors into a beautiful masterpiece that will give beauty to your home or business.

Screen and Recoat: 1-day wood floor refinishing in Austin, TX.

Over time, hardwood floors take a beating and eventually look tarnished. However, before considering a full-scale refinishing project, you may want to explore a more cost-effective and less disruptive solution known as screen and recoat.